My competences: explanation   

It is use to describe in a portfolio a persons competences in different jobs and professions. I have been working for a long period and in different professions with quite different tasks. Some competences are not relevant any more or are a little bit rusty. For example I don't use my library skills as much as I did when I was working in that field. I have been puzzling and studying which is an effective way to handle this part of my portfolio.

Because I am not working anymore, I have decide to make a 'short list'. In this list I'll describe several subjects or domains with acquired competences. I'll try to prove them by connecting them on products, reports, performances etc. I also relate them to my professional roles or functions.

This portfolio is meant as an example. The portfolio is public: everyone on the internet can take a look at it. That's an other reason why I've chosen to publish just one small list.

During working on it, I have reflected my former activities and achievements. Old memories came back and I remembered things which I almost had forgotten. It is a good thing to reflect on ones past, which is  an intention of making a portfolio.

The list is not translated in English.