Courses taught: needlework

School: Julianaschool Kwartellaan

I have worked from 2011-2017 voluntary as a teacher needle work on a primary school.
We use the internet and the computer with the instruction and demonstration of the techniques.
I use my website also to inform the colleagues and other volunteers an as a deposit for the teaching and instruction material.

The children of this primary school follow the course for maximum 6 hours in a study year (two  projects of 3 hours). You may look at needlework for the course description and the products.

My contributions:

  • To help and support the teacher with course Needlework for children of the primary school of 9-12 year-old.
  • to manage and design new projects.
  • to design teaching material for the teachers and volunteers (PowerPoint, explanations an demonstrations).
  • to design exercise materials for the children.
  • to construct examples for the children and the other helpers.
  • to instruct the children.
  • to help the children