On-line shopping   

It is possible tot order products on the Internet and to have them ordered at home. You may order in the Netherlands or other countries. There are different ways to pay:

  • Pay when the postman delivers the order (in the Netherlands)
  • Sign a standing order (in the Netherlands)
  • With your credit card

It is important to pay with your card on a safe website. Don't ever tell your pin code!

Safe shopping

  • Tips for safe on-line shopping

Product and store comparison - Netherlands

  • Kieskeurig. Comparison of prices and products. Links to the shops. The site provides a lot of background information about the products and claims to be independent and reliable. However, they share the personal data of the subscribers of their newsletter with thei business relations.
  • Vergelijk.nl. Compares products, prices en delivery time of a number of associated web shops. This site gives information about products either.
  • Beslist.nl Large online shopping centre, product and shop comparison, many selection items.

Product and store comparison - Europe

  • Kelkoo uk. Shopping in different countries, see the bottom of the page,. The site also compares prices