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Searching on Internet


If you want to search a website on the internet, you need a webbrowser. Every website has its own address on internet. This address is called the URL, which means Uniform Resource Locator.
The URL of this site is

When you type the URL  in the navigation bar shows the webbrowser the website. It is not very hansome to  seek for sites in this way. You don't always know the exact URL and sometimes you type maistakes. The browser is then not abler to find the right sight. The url's for example: www.miekedewal.nl  or www.miekedewaal.nl.

Well known browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari (Apple)
  • Microsoft Edge

Search engines

With the help of search engines is it more easy to search.
A search engine is a program with a large library of subjects and addresses of websites. It is not necessary to type the URl. You may type keywords in the search bar. The search engine seeks the appropriate websites. You may even type mistakes



This is a  free internet encyclopaedia that anyone can edit. Wikipedia counts 5,977,834  pages in English . (3 December 2019)

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Be careful. Wikipedia is not an encyclopaedia of professional experts. Everyone on the world is allowed to contribute and to edit, and the writer may not be an expert.

The written articles have been corrected, but not in the same way as by editing a  professional encyclopaedia.

Google: change language or country

In Google there is a difference between the country from where your are searching and the searching language. In the Netherlands are the settings for searching mostly Google Nederland (country) and the search language Dutch.
Íf you live in the Netherlands as expat, immigrant or asylum seekers, is it useful to have the possibility to change the language settings of Google, so that you may search in your own language. When you will stay informed about your own country, you may use Google settings of your own country.